I feel sometimes that as many trips as I take to Dallas to see my daughter and grand daughter that I can just go on autopilot. What is the fun in that though? So I challenged myself to find cool things.

There are SO Many Stops and Slow Downs in Small Town Texas

With all the small towns I travel through this did not disappoint. We do believe in our Jesus and God. Yes Texas we love our state too. We were trained to slow down in Estelline. I even have my daughter slamming on those brakes.

I haven't really seen a cop in years. I just know that one time they will get me. So I slam on the breaks too.

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If you take 287 to Dallas you will find some really unusual things on the side of the road. My first trip to Dallas was for a competition in our media department. I remember it like it was yesterday.

This Motel in Clarendon is My Absolute Favorite Place to See

That was the first time I saw the "It'll Do Motel". Oh Clarendon I still love driving by that place. I mean "I'll Do?" Right. Over the years the big sign is gone but they are still in business.

It's one of those familiar places I look forward to seeing. If you are going to take a trip somewhere you might as well pay attention to your surroundings. That is how you will find so many neat things.

Texas will not disappoint. That is for sure.

Trip to Dallas Taking 287 The Things You See

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