Martin Road Lake has become a popular place for gatherings.

Fishing, picnics, parties. You name it, it's used for quite a bit.

It's also apparently popular for driving cars into. No joke. In the last five years or so, at least three cars have been found in the lake and had to be pulled out. Two of them in 2016, one in 2020, and one recently that was identified as a stolen car in March 2021.

Well the city is apparently tired of fishing cars out of the lake (disclaimer: I'm being sarcastic, this is not the reason why), and a budget has been approved for improvements there. Now, it's set to finish its facelift. It's going to undergo the final two phases of its improvement project after the Amarillo City Council unanimously approved a whopping $10.8 million to complete phase 3 and 4 of the project.


If you don't know the history of Martin Road Lake, it was actually a natural playa, not a lake. it wasn't until 1952 that the city deemed it a lake. It was then they added it to the impressive roster of lakes in the city.


A lot if I'm being honest. It's going to become a premiere lake for Amarillo to frequent. There's the boring, but important, stuff that will be done like new storm drain systems. I know it seems boring, but if you want to enjoy the lake after a day of storms, this is desperately needed to avoid flooding.

Walking trails around the area will be expanded and it'll include neighborhood connections. What this means is you'll be able to access those trails from certain neighborhoods in the area without having to hit a major road by foot, bike or car.

They're going to be adding security at the site as well as making improvements to the parking around it.

One of the big highlights of the improvement project though is the addition of a new fishing pond. Martin Road Lake has always attracted a lot of people casting rod and reel there, and now they'll have a dedicated pond for that exact reason.

Amarillo is on the come up!

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