I was in Minneapolis last year visiting my family, and my niece kept begging my brother to go to the "bird house".

We parked downtown and walked for a couple miles and came across what looked like a bird house.

My niece carried the book with her all the way and when she spotted it, she ran and opened the front of the little 'bird house' and shuffled through all the different children's books.

She picked one and replace it with the book she carried with her and immediately started to read. It was a really cool experience and my first thought was 'Amarillo needs to do something like this.'

I did a little research and found that we actually do have these same libraries. We have about 8 libraries in the Amarillo area, and I'm sure it's only going to grow. They're called 'Little Free Library' - Take a Book - Return a Book.

I wanted the public to know about these, take the time as parents and get kids off the electronic devices throw them on bikes and skates and have them choose a book to read.

It's a super awesome idea, I'm proud of the community for putting these out for our kids.

Please send your thanks to Mandi Garcia, this is the Little Free Library her and her husband put together.

"About a year ago my daughter and I encountered a little free library while on a walk. We then began to lobby my husband to build us one as we are avid readers. It is a joy to see which books go and which books are left with us."

Credit: Shannon Lewis, Townsquare Media
Credit: Shannon Lewis, Townsquare Media


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