Amarillo is filled with very talented people and one of those people is a man by the name of King Hill.

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King Hill is a playwright and stage director, an educator, he is the media and marketing coordinator for the Lonestar Ballet, and now an author.

Photo Courtesy: King Hill
Photo Courtesy: King Hill

He has recently published his first novel.  The novel is called The Butterfly Decision.  The book is fiction, and although it is a tale of fiction, it was based on his life during his training and performing as a professional dancer.

The synopsis of the book is as follows:

"Leaping headlong into the world of ballet, with dreams of becoming a professional dancer, a young boy from the Panhandle of Texas uses his grit, gifts, ambition and determination to face every obstacle and challenge he encounters on his path to be a professional.  In this fictionalized account, he finds his passions lead to setbacks, success, love and the discovery of his true talent.  Most of all, he has to make a decision - the decision that will make all the difference."  

Photo Courtesy: King Hill
Photo Courtesy: King Hill

This book is definitely something you want to add to your reading list.  In fact, you can pick up a copy of the book and have the author, King Hill sign it for you.

You can attend a book signing this Sunday, April 24th at 2 pm.  The signing will take place at the Lonestar Ballet offices at 3218 Hobbs Street.  Not only will King be signing books, but a dance demonstration will also take place.  Lonestar Ballet Master, Anthony Femath and LSB Principal Ballerina, Kelly Mundel will be performing.  They are the models for the cover of the book.

The Butterfly Decision has received great reviews and has been in the number 1 slot in various categories on Amazon.

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