The Amarillo crime spree continues with an early morning robbery.

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The Amarillo Police Department was called to the Extend A Suites Hotel located at 3411 I-40 West on Wednesday, February 1st.  The call came in at 7:05 AM.

An employee of Extend a Suites was assaulted by the suspect. The suspect threatened the employee with a gun and then left the hotel with an undisclosed amount of cash.  After, exiting the hotel the suspect fled on foot. The employee was treated for injuries at the scene of the robbery.

The Violent Crimes Unit of the Amarillo Police Department is currently investigating.  At this time no description of the suspect has been released.

This comes just a few weeks after a man robbed a Sonic and as police were investigating a call came in on a robbery at Dollar General, with the same suspect description.

It's possible that this particular robbery was a spur-of-the-moment decision.  It's possible that the suspect was a guest. This is just speculation on my part.  The access to I-40 from this hotel was direct.  This hotel is located on the access road between Western and Paramount, between Discount Tire and El Patron.

We just started the month of February, let's hope that Amarillo will not try to exceed the crime rate from last year.  It's time the crime in this city levels out.  Everyone deserves to be safe at their job, especially those that work the third shift and early mornings in hotels.

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