When the name Tony Buzbee came out attached to the recent tragedy at Astroworld, I knew his name seemed familiar. That's because the Houston lawyer has a reputation for taking on big profile cases, and winning...big-time.

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That includes an infamous case in Amarillo.

The Texas Lawyer With A Knack For High Profile Cases

Looking back at some of the trials that are attached to Buzbee's name, it's easy to see he isn't shy when it comes to being in the public eye. He took on BP after the Deepwater Horizon spill. He took on Ford Motor Company. In both of those, he won.

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More recently, he's made headlines representing clients who have accused NFL QB Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct. He's also the lawyer who filed the suit against Travis Scott in light of the Astroworld tragedy.

So What Does Tony Buzbee Have To Do With Amarillo?

Somehow, when something involves big names and big drama it always can be traced back to Amarillo's most infamous son, Stanley Marsh 3. That's where you've heard the name Tony Buzbee before.

Tony Buzbee was the lawyer who represented the teenage boys who accused Stanley of sexual abuse in 2012. It was settled out of court in early 2013, and the Parties agreed that Stanley Marsh 3 did not own Cadillac Ranch.

2013 would also be the year that Stanley Marsh 3 would be indicted in Potter County for the alleged sexual abuse of two teens. He would die the following year under hospice care at the age of 76.

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