The Amarillo Tri-State Fair is a tradition in Amarillo.  A 95-year tradition.   When you go to the fair you know you are going to spend some money.  This year a new cashless system is coming to the Tri-State Fair.

Back in the day, you bought tickets to ride the ride and enjoy the food.  Then they got rid of the tickets and went to a token system where you had to exchange your money for tokens.

This year a new system is in place and it is called Magic Money.  It's a cashless system that will be used at the Amarillo Tri-State Fair.

Here's how magic money works:

1. You stop at any ticket window and purchase your Magic Money Wristband for $2.  You then choose how many credits to load onto your wristband.  Credits are available in $10, $20, $40, $60, $80, and $100 increments.   You can reload at any time and there isn't a reloading fee.

2.  Once your wristband is loaded you can use it at the rides, games, or concessions.  Any ride operator or food vendor will have a scanner to scan your wrist band.

3.  Run out of money, stop at the nearest ticket booth and reload your wristband.

If you are not sure how much money you have left on your Magic Money Wristband, you can ask for a read out from a vendor, or download the Magic Money app from your favorite app store.  You can keep up with your funds right there on your smartphone.

After the fair, put your Magic Money wristband in a safe place.  You can use it the next year and any credit that was left will still be there for 2019.

Lori talks with Angela Ragland with the Amarillo Tri-State Fair about Magic Money.



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