When firefighters go to work on the scene of a residential fire, it is not just human lives that they are worrying about saving. Many times fire crews are tasked with saving the lives of our pets but don't always have the proper equipment to do so. While crews carry oxygen masks that fit humans, it is hard to adapt a human mask to fit a dog or cat. While many departments have tried to find ways to rig something together, often it just isn't effective enough to deliver the amount of oxygen the little victim needs. Luckily in Pampa, that is all changing.

The Invisible Fence Brand in Amarillo and Lubbock has the Project Breathe Program. Although the U.S. Fire Administration doesn’t keep an official statistic, industry sources estimate 40,000 to 150,000 pets die each year in fires. Most succumb to smoke inhalation. The company has donated 3 pet oxygen mask kits to the Pampa Fire Department. These specially designed masks will help resuscitate a dog or cat when found in a burning home. The mission of Project Breathe is to provide local fire departments the specialized equipment needed to save all lives. Nationwide, the program has saved at least 201 pets from fire and smoke inhalation from the over 25,170 masks that have been donated.

The plastic, cup shaped animal resuscitation masks, which come in three sizes, were originally developed for use by veterinarians. They seal around the muzzle of an animal tighter than a human mask. This helps firefighters deliver the right amount of oxygen to the pet to help save their life.

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