If you thought the kids being out of school for three weeks over the holidays was a bit much, you're not alone...but close. According to a poll we did, of the parents that responded, most actually wish the breaks were always this long.

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Don't shoot the messenger, and maybe next time get out and vote.

Should AISD Have 3 Weeks Off For Christmas This Year?

That one was one of our questions, and the results were something I'm still trying to wrap my brain around.

I love my kids. They're awesome, and we had a lot of fun. But I only have so much PTO, and I really don't want to have to pay all of those drop-in fees at the daycare.

It appears I'm almost alone in my concerns.

Of parents who answered our survey, 57% said that AISD should have a long break again this year. Only 14% said they were fine with it, if they had to be.

There was 29% begging that we never relive the holiday break of 2021.

How Did The Parents Survive The Long Holiday Break?

Parents did well, for the most part. According to our survey, of the parents who answered, 43% answered that they miss their kids already and wish the break was longer. There was 29% who agree with me. The kids are great, and we love them, but it's tough juggling work and childcare.

14% of parents responded with "send wine."

Will We See More Extended Holiday Breaks?

It's hard to say. I've gone digging for info on school websites; looking for calendars for the 2022-23 school year. So far, nothing set in stone that I can find.

I'm all for the kids getting a break from school. Let them enjoy those breaks before they get into the "real world." After that, it's all juggling PTO, childcare fees, and long holidays if you're a working parent.

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