Patrick Mahomes and his fiancee announced that they were expecting a baby this week, and social media exploded with reactions and commentary on the opportunity for another Mahomes to be born into the world.

Twitter was especially receptive to the news, and went to work immediately with memes and thoughts of congratulations.

All jokes aside, Mahomes was asked in his first press conference following the pregnancy announcement which teammate would be most trusted as an uncle or babysitter. His answer was Chiefs backup quarterback Matt Moore.

Respectable answer. Moore is a responsible man and father who could absolutely take care of the young Mahomes when he or she arrives. I have no problem with that answer. I do have a problem with Mahomes' next line.

Listen for yourself:

"I can't let Trav (Travis Kelce) or anyone like that, you never know what could happen."

This low blow is on par with the biggest shots I've ever seen. First of all, if you're seeking out an uncle and not a babysitter, there's no use for responsibility. There's a reason it's called a fun uncle, or funcle. Nothing against Matt Moore, but why choose the boring guy?

Not knowing exactly what will happen is exactly why you choose Travis Kelce. As a funcle myself, doing things that the kids' parents don't want you to do is the whole point of hanging out with your nephews. Candy? Have the king-sized one, kid -- you earned it. You want to play video games until 2 a.m.? So do I!

The funcle isn't a role model; he's a cautionary tale. And we're fine with that.

In five years, if you ask that kid who he wants to hang out with and the choice is between Matt Moore or Travis Kelce, there's no chance that the kid wouldn't choose Kelce.

Beyond the funcle premise, Kelce is literally a safety blanket for Mahomes. He's been there to bail him out countless times on the field. You don't think he'd be there 100 percent of the time to protect his offspring off the field? There's no doubt in my mind.

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