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Patrick Mahomes Knows One Teammate That Won’t Be Babysitting for Him
Patrick Mahomes and his fiancee announced that they were expecting a baby this week, and social media exploded with reactions and commentary on the opportunity for another Mahomes to be born into the world. Twitter was especially receptive to the news, and went to work immediately with memes and thoughts of congratulations...
Did NFL Media Forget About Patrick Mahomes Already?
The NFL sports media world was infatuated with Patrick Mahomes and his record breaking performance as a first-year starter. You couldn't turn anywhere without seeing Mahomes and the Chiefs being talked about. Power rankings on NFL Live, ESPN, FS1, Bleacher Report and anyone else had Mahomes and Reid's offense at or near the top...
Twitter Reacts to Texas Tech Getting to the Final Four
When a cultural event takes place, I immediately go to Twitter to see the reactions. Last night, Texas Tech men's basketball's first-ever Final Four berth was a cultural event. Twitter did not disappoint. We'll start with the man himself, Head Coach Chris Beard: Then, let's go to one of the most popular athletes in America and former Red Raider QB, Patrick Mahomes, who wants to head to the Final F

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