God Bless Texas, where on earth can you find the sweet and nutty goodness of a Pecan pie in a vending machine?

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When it comes to getting this delicious pie, it doesn't matter if you call it pee-can, puh-cahn, or pec-can, pie.  You can get it out of a vending machine and it's still as good as it would be right from the bakery.

Who would have thought that a Pecan pie in a vending machine would be so magical?

That's exactly what the Berdoll Pecan Farm created.  The Berdoll Pecan Farm is home to the Berdoll Pecan Candy and Gift Co.  This is the place to purchase pecans, all sorts of candies, and the beloved delicious Pecan pies.  They are located at 2626 State Hwy 71 West Cedar Creek, TX 78612.

Apparently, there is such a huge demand for their delicious pies that they created a vending machine so that it is available to consumers year-round even when the store is closed. Their machine went into action in August 2015.

They also have a vending machine location away from the main location.

Not only can you get the Berdoll Famous Pecan pies, but you can also get a variety of their candy as well.  All you need is some cash and a finger to push the buttons.

Every baker is probably wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?"  This has got to be amazingly convenient during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Heck, this would be convenient on those days you were just craving a pecan pie.

If you visit their retail location, they have a giant squirrel.

Her name is Ms. Pearl

If you don't live near the area, then this would be a perfect place to road trip.

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