The other day I was shocked, appalled, and a bit scared by a random text message I received. The spam message was pornographic in nature, and definitely wasn't as easy going as the one I included here.

To say that the content was explicit would be the most understated understatement in the history of things that go under stated. It was the kind of thing that makes "the Hub" look like Disney+.

Spam Text Messages From An Unknown Email Address

The text message came through as a group text (which I hate), with several numbers that weren't in my contacts. There was also an email listed.

I deleted it not thinking much of it, assuming it was just some bot trying to scam lonely people out of their credit card numbers. Unfortunately it didn't stop there.

Soon, the messages came pouring in. Then my mother started receiving them, and my wife. Then social media blew up with people talking about the salacious spam.

Did You Get One Of These?

Do you know what I'm talking about? Are you one of the chosen people who received these questionable messages? Let's see how many other victims are out there.


Where Are These Messages Coming From?

Conspiracy theories abound, from this affecting customers of a certain carrier to carriers selling off our private data to smut peddlers. Neither of which can be conclusively confirmed at the moment.

Judging from the link included in the message, it's definitely a porn bot. Also, the numbers that received the same message as I did were all in successive order. Basically it was a series of phone numbers that ended in zero and went to nine. Hence my belief that this is most definitely an organization using a bot.

I tried a few Google searches to see if anything had been said nationally about these text messages, but came up empty handed. It seems the only recourse we have to go off of are ways to block the email address.

Here's How To Block These Messages

Usually you can do this in whatever messaging app you use. Block the email address, and the problem should be solved.

Another option is to report the messages as spam. For instance, if you're an AT&T customer you can forward the message to 7726 (SPAM) to have it flagged. You can also call their fraud department at 611.

There have been several parents writing, posting, and talking about their children being exposed to these text messages ripped from Penthouse Forum. Kids old enough to read are getting an eye full of text they should not be exposed to.

The Big Issue: Kids Can Be Exposed to These Messages

That's one of my main concerns. My kids will hear my phone ding or hear my ringtone and bring my phone to me. Two of them are adept at the ancient art of reading and sounding out words. God help us if they see one of these messages.

Hopefully soon this issue is resolved and they get to the source and cut it off. In the meantime, maybe turn off text message previews if you are getting these messages, and be sure to flag and block them.

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