Some people will be mad about this decision. Some people will be happy. Isn't that the way of the world anyway? I mean we can't make everyone happy.

Canyon is the place to hang out on the 4th of July. They have so many activities planned. On the 4th itself there will be a Pancake breakfast, Fair on the Square, and the 4th of July Parade, just to name a few. You can find the whole list of events HERE.

There are a few things not happening this year in Canyon. One, of course, is the fireworks. That was decided on a bit ago. Another thing that you won't be able to do? Go swimming at the Canyon Aqua Park. or the CAP as it is known.

They made the announcement recently on their Facebook page:

The Canyon Aqua Park has made the decision to close on Monday, July 4th to allow staff members to spend time with their families on the holiday. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, July 5th.

Of course, people took to complaining about that on the Facebook page. That is what we do. I know they said they wanted their families to spend time together on the holiday. I get that. They were open on Memorial Day.

Oh and I looked, they were open the last 4th of July. So this is something new they are trying this year. I would think the 4th of July with that many people in Canyon for the day would be a perfect day to be open. I also get why they don't want to open. Again you can't make everyone happy.

We should all know that by now. Just as an FYI the pools and splash pads in Amarillo look to be open on the 4th.

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