It looks like a popular pizza place in Amarillo is getting a name makeover.

La Bella's Pizza on Olsen has been a staple in Amarillo since 2003.  It has had its ups and downs, but it has provided some pretty darn good pizza to the residents of Amarillo.  The kind of pizza that makes you want it all the time.

They have changed the name of La Bella's Pizza on Olsen to Big Jim's Pizza Co.

Of course, I'm guessing the new name is after it's owner Jim Dewitz.

La Bella's, or now Big Jim's Pizza Co., has always been a huge supporter of the Amarillo community and I do not foresee that changing one bit.  I can only see amazing things coming from this business in the future

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This is great place to enjoy great food and live, local music.  In fact, here are some of the local artists you can catch live in the next few weeks:

January 4th: Justin Roberts

January 6th: Noach Tangeras

Big Jim's Pizza Co. not only has pizza, they have pasta, subs, ribs, and seafood.   So much variety you'll have to come back over and over again to get through the menu.

The great thing about this company is not only are they now Big Jim's Pizza Co., they purchased another Amarillo long time restaurant, K&N Root Beer Drive-In just across the street.  Not only is there a great pizza from this company, but the homemade root beer you have loved over the years is in great hands.

It may take you awhile to get used to the name change, but you'll still recognize all the great food you have always gotten.

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