Pumpkin spice is everywhere. Really everywhere, and some places it really doesn’t belong. Here’s a list of seven pumpkin spice items you can buy right now that have no business being on the market.

#1- Pumpkin spice spam, it’s pork. Keep it simple. Leave it alone.

#2- Pumpkin spice CBD drops, relieve your anxiety with pumpkin spice CBD drops in you drink. If you dare.

#3- Pumpkin spice dog treats, really? Why? What’s next milk in Milk Bones?

#4- Pumpkin spice beard oil. SMH. Sure, staying moisturized is good, smelling like a pie is not.

#5- Pumpkin spice protein powder. Build muscles and have a great workout, then suck down a drink that smells like a Yankee Candle.

#6- Pumpkin spice kale chips. Kale is one thing flavored kale is another thing. No. Just no.

#7- Pumpkin spice lip balm, kiss me. Or not.

I’m not a pumpkin spice fan, but I will admit that my favorite pie is pumpkin. It’s the only pie you can eat without a plate and fork.


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