You can be forgiven for not knowing that today is National Nacho Day.  Daylight Savings tends to hog all of the attention from lesser known holidays.  Now that you do know, gather up family and friends and celebrate.  How do you like your nachos? Piled high with tomatoes, lettuce, beef, jalapenos, olives, and everything else hiding out in the fridge? Do you like your nachos basic with just chips and cheese? Where is the best place in town to get nachos?

A quick online search, and Braceros on Bell comes up as the best destination in town for a plate of nachos.  On the Border is having half-off nachos today.  However, if you don’t have the time or means to go out and score some nachos, there is always the tried and true “Don’t Judge Me Nachos”.  Get a bag of chips (I prefer using Doritos), paper plate, and shredded cheese.  Dump as much of the cheese as your stomach can handle on a paper plate full of chips.  Microwave to desired gooey goodness. Sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix and enjoy!


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