The holiday season is here. Inevitably you will need to make a trip to the store. Don't be a jerk while doing your last minute shopping.

Cart Narcs via YouTube
Cart Narcs via YouTube

Put Your Cart Where It Goes

There is no bigger pain in the world than trying to pull into a parking spot and then seeing it blocked off by an abandoned shopping cart. Or even worse, coming out to find your car has been dinged by a shopping cart that someone left to roll its way around the parking lot.

Your Cart Does Not Belong In The Empty Handicap Spot

I couldn't believe it when I heard it. My wife called me to see if we needed anything else before she came home. I could hear her moving a shopping cart, and then hear the tell-tale crash of cart-on-cart havoc as it was put in line with other carts.

But then I kept hearing it. And then I kept hearing it some more.

I asked what was going on, and she was moving carts out of the handicap spaces. The carts had just been left there.

Don't Take Your Holiday Stress Out On The Rest Of Us

I get it. You're stressed. I'm stressed. We all have somewhere to be, and we're all in a hurry. If we all take a second to either help each other out, or at the very least be considerate of the next guy, then all of us will enjoy the perks of having a healthy blood pressure level.

Your Ability To Be Inconsiderate Could Make You Famous

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Cart Narcs. The Cart Narcs are every where, prowling parking lots for people ditching their carts. Once they find someone, they make sure to let the world know just how inconsiderate you can be.

Don't be like the people in these videos. Take a minute and think about those around you. Especially during this season.

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