Even with social distancing, we're all still going to be spending time in the backyard this summer. Staying home doesn't mean stay inside. Here are some interesting Texas themed pieces for your yard to help you spruce it up a bit.

Howdy Ya'll Flag

This little flag has a "whole lotta Texas" to unpack. Put it in the garden, and there would be no doubting that you're the most "Texas" Texan on the block. Armadillos, stars, and a "howdy" pretty much sum it up.

Hey Ya'll Welcome Mat

This feels like a Dallas or Houston thing. Instead of "howdy" it sports the more suburban "hey." I prefer the "howdy."

BS Scraper

This is quite possibly my favorite piece of Texas lawn decor. It's a nice "rustic" piece that actually has some use to it. I just wish we had something like this for our brains after we get done reading comments on Facebook.

Steer Skull

I don't think this is necessarily an "outdoor" item. I could see myself hanging a couple in the den by the TV. Either way, you definitely can't have a Texas themed yard without a steer skull somewhere. Bonus points if you can come up with a longhorn.

A Lifelike Armadillo

Everyone needs an armadillo in their yard. Preferably one that can't potentially give you leprosy. Check out these "lifelike" armadillos. I bet that would stand up to your tires better than the real deal.

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