Texas is full of small towns.  It is the small towns that make this state great.

The big cities are great as well, but there is something about small-town living.   In fact, a lot of times, people will move from the big cities just to get some peace and calm, and let's face it, get away from the crazy traffic.

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When it comes to small towns in Texas, most are filled with families in the lower to medium-income rankings.  However, there are several small towns that are very rich.

When it comes to Texas, what town is the richest in the state?

According to a study done by GoBakingRates.com, the richest small town in Texas is

University Park, Texas


Is the richest small town in Texas located northeast of Dallas.  The median income is $247,045.  The population of University Park is 24,849. University Park is also the home of Southern Methodist University.

To determine this, GoBankingRates used the U.S. Census Bureau income data from locations in every state with 500 to 15,000 households.  From this, they were able to determine the richest small towns.

However, according to another study done by SoExpensive, it found that another town in Texas was the richest.

Terrell Hills, Texas


This small town is located northeast of San Antonio and has a population of 5,371.  The median income is $180,000.

There you have it, these could be considered the richest small towns in Texas.   Do you or someone you know live in either of these towns?

My guess is a lot of those who live in these cities commute to Dallas or San Antonio for work, which means a lot of drive time.

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