Yes. You read that right. Amarillo has an upcoming Yoga Fest; all for a good cause.

The fest will be held at Six Car Pub & Brewery in downtown Amarillo tomorrow (6/5/21). There are going to be a lot of vendors on site, and there will be rooftop yoga. There's also going to be live music.

The fest kicks off tomorrow at 1 PM. It lasts until 5 PM.

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The best part is that the whole event is taking place to benefit a very worthy cause. The Yoga Fest will benefit AHF, Amarillo Housing First.

Amarillo Housing First supports our local homeless population. They offer several programs, and work with other non-profit organizations to keep the Code Blue Warming Station.

This weekend is a busy one in Yellow City. The best part is that with all of the events that are lined up, there isn't too much overlap. You can go to one even for a little bit, then head to the next one without missing too much.

Personally, I'm not well versed in anything yoga related. I've dabbled a little bit from time to time. Judging from what I've experienced, rooftop yoga sounds like a pretty relaxing way to enjoy part of an afternoon; especially if the weather holds out and stays nice.

For more info on the event, you can follow this link.

For more information on Amarillo Housing First, and the many services and programs they offer, follow this link to their website. They also have a section devoted to potential volunteers.

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