There are so many amazing non-prophets in our areas, but in my personal opinion, nothing is more impactful then Children's Miracle Network. I could go on and on about all the good things they do, but I think the most notable thing about their organization is that every single dollar donated stays local right here in the Texas, Panhandle.

If you love physical activity and want to help save the life of a local child, then this event is for you!

The 14th Annual TRi to Make a Difference Triathlon is quickly approaching. It will be held Saturday, September 14, from 9 AM – 1 PM. The race will feature the following

  • 400 Meter Swim
  • 10 Mile Bike
  • 5K Run

Don't worry; this is a family-friendly event! After the race is when the fun begins! They will be hosting an after-party for all the racers and their families with drinks, food, live music, and more!

For more information check out their website

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