If it's been a while since you've been down around Palo Duro Canyon, the landscape is changing.

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No, the actual canyon isn't changing.  The area as you are driving up to PDC is changing.  More things are moving in and making the experience of PDC more amazing.

One of those game changers is a new business that just opened its doors.  It's called the Sad Monkey Mercantile.

Sarah Clark/Lori Crofford
Sarah Clark/Lori Crofford

The Sad Monkey Mercantile is a cool little store about a mile from the entrance of PDC.  It is the perfect shop to pick up some last-minute supplies before your hike or camping trip into the canyon.  If you forget something, then it's a quick trip from PDC to the mercantile to grab what you need.

Courtney one of the owners said that the name of the business came from one of the rock formations in Palo Duro Canyon known as the Sad Monkey.  Also, the Sad Monkey railroad was a train ride in PDC that took you around the area of the Sad Monkey formation.

The Sad Monkey Mercantile is founded by Michael and Jonathan Standefer.

We wanted something for people who live out in this area and the campers and Doves Rest to come.

They offer beer and wine and grocery items and anything a PDC camper might need. Not only do they offer those things, but they also offer cool gift items, Sad Monkey Merchandise, and local authors and artists are also featured at the store.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

The Monkey Bar has its signature coffee, 8 different draft beers, tea, juice, and wine.  They will soon be introducing the Sad Monkey Mercantile Chuckwagon, a food truck that will be serving up lunch and dinner on their patio.

If you are heading down to Palo Duro Canyon, make sure to make the Sad Monkey Mercantile your first and last stop.

Sad Monkey Mercantile: New Store Near Palo Duro Canyon

This brand-new store is perfectly situated near the entrance of Palo Duro Canyon.

It offers a variety of groceries, drinks, gifts, and items perfect for the PDC hiker and campers.

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