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So. I'm trying to keep my anger under control here, but I saw something in my news feed that I just had to jump on and write about. While this piece of news happened a few hours away in Clovis, New Mexico, this could very well have happened here in Amarillo or the Panhandle. That's my angle and I'm sticking to it.

Elementary School Vandal Caught on Camera

Here's the skinny. Last week, security cameras at Zia Elementary caught this fine candidate for Bonehead of the Week hard at work being.....well....stupid.

Let me warn you this footage is a full two minutes of make-you-mad:

But WHY? Maybe He Flunked Out?

Who is this guy? Billy Madison? He clearly looks like he's long past the elementary school days.... in theory. I mean, part of me is a little creeped out. Why is a grown man tearing up an elementary school? What on earth does he have happening in his life that he needs to throw rocks at a school for young children?

I'm lost, y'all. If you got any bright ideas with this, shoot me a text via our app. If you have some insight on this, I'll give you a shout out on-air and talk about what a smarty pants you are.

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Anyway, back to this piece of hot garbage who's throwing rocks at an elementary school in the New Mexico boonies...

Our bright little boy here headed up to the roof when he got tired of throwing rocks. And up there, he managed to do several thousand dollars worth of damage to an HVAC unit. Small clue here: probably hoping to strip some copper from that.

What really grinds my gears while watching this is that this guy (along with a bunch of other people, honestly) is that he probably thinks the monetary damage he's doing isn't that big of a deal. The school can afford whatever the repair bill is. Something along those lines. The assumption that schools have deep pockets is just plain wrong. Their pockets are only as deep as the community they serve. Ergo, it's pretty much the students that suffer when idiots like this decide to tear the school up.

The maintenance costs will have to be taken from whatever amount is budgeted for the students. This might be new schoolbooks, new desks, new classroom supplies--a lot of things. School districts do a tight tango with budgets to begin with. They know the money is tight and they've got to make it work, so they plan and get creative. And then, behold: this total piece of garbage human being comes along and screws everything up by existing (and throwing rocks, and shredding a HVAC unit, and whatever else the chump did)

Whoever you are, pal: you are trash and everyone around you knows it. 

Let's hope our friend here gets caught and hopefully gets what he has coming to him. If you happen to know our champ here, you can reach out to the folks over at the Clovis Municipal Schools Administrative Offices at 575-769-4300 or the Clovis Police Department at 575-769-1921 I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

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