The lack of common decency has really gotten me these past few days. What is going on with the lace of respect of nice things in our area?
Last week vandals forced Connor Park neighborhood library to have to be moved. We are losing things that are fun and a positive for our kids. Why is this happening? Now the vandalism has moved to Amarillo. What is going on?
Amarillo's Park and Recreation had this announcement yesterday:
Due to an unfortunate act of vandalism at Medical Center Park last night, the splash pad will remain closed until staff can make repairs. *Update: park staff has isolated the broken features, and were able to turn on the working features. Some of the splash pad is still functioning as a result.*
As always, these parks and amenities are intended to provide quality of life to our residents. Sadly, senseless acts of vandalism prevent that from happening sometimes. If you see illegal or suspicious activities in the parks, please contact local law enforcement immediately.
Park staff thanks you for helping us care for our public spaces!
I'm not sure if this is kids in both instances that are causing this vandalism. If so where are the parents? Are there kids just running amuck and causing this? I mean it had to happen overnight into Sunday. It had to happen when nobody was in the area. Was it adults? If so that is even sadder? What is going on?
credit: Amarillo Parks and Recreation
credit: Amarillo Parks and Recreation

Why are we destroying the things in Amarillo and Canyon that cause joy for our kids? I don't get it. Why ruin things for others?
Amarillo Parks and Recreation did what they could to get part of the splash pads back open yesterday. Kudos to them. If you do have any information please let us know.

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