Shania Twain stopped by the studio this morning ahead of world premiering her new single tomorrow, Life's About To Get Good.

Shania then talked about her Nashville story. She came here from Canada with little money, sky rocketing to fame in less than a year. Shania said she was "so ready" for the fame after preparing her entire youth for the moment that it could happen.

She even said she doesn't "overthink fame," she forgets that she is Shania Twain until people remind her. WHAT?! Even more reason to love her.

Shania and Bobby also talked about the class of artists today, how they were Shania's biggest fans when she was on the road.

Credit: Zack Massey / Bobby Bones Show
Credit: Zack Massey / Bobby Bones Show

Shania created 21 songs for her new record with only 16 making the cut. Shania even said "I'm ready to make my next record" before her newest one is even out! She mentioned how many songs she has from her time away and is ready to be back. We are definitely ready for her to be back too!

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