Sharky's Burrito Co. has been a staple in Amarillo for nearly 14 years. With the same menu, style of ordering, and location you always know what you're going to get at Sharky's.

On the morning of May 26th, 2018. Sharky's Burrito announced on their Facebook that Loreto Gonzalez passed away. Loreto has been Sharkey's cook since the establishment opened and has been a dear friend of the owners family for 29 years.

If you have never heard the Loreto Gonzalez it shouldn't surprise you. He was more commonly referred to as "Sharky" himself. Regulars and co-workers gave him the nickname because he was the backbone of the restaurant.

Gonzalez loved his job and did it well. He will be greatly missed. Prayers and thoughts go out to his family. To respect their time of healing if you would like to honour Sharky you can leave your memories and prayers on the Sharky's Burrito Facebook Page.

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