Ok, Seriously what's wrong with people? There's some serious crazy going on in the Yellow City these days. The folks in the Lenwood Neighborhood have been through quite a bit the past few days with the bomb scare and sure enough they didn't ask for anything that the person responsible brought to their street. To make things even worse there's a special group of "winners" who decided to take advantage of the situation

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The Neighborhood Got Robbed at the Same Time

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Amarillo Police released a statement after an officer noticed some wierdness about a vehicle in the middle of the neighborhood during the event:

On July 27th at 6:15 AM, an Amarillo Police officer was working as a perimeter guard unit at an incident in the 3600 block of Lenwood Drive. The officer was stationed at the intersection of Overlook and Lenwood. While standing guard, the officer observed a Dodge Challenger driving recklessly at a high rate of speed eastbound on Overlook. A stop was initiated on the vehicle at this location. There were four occupants of the vehicle and the three passengers were all holding plastic tubs filled with miscellaneous items. Items located in the tubs led officers to a residence in the 3500 block of Meadow Drive. It was found that entry had been forced into the residence and that the items had been stolen from inside. Justin Strube, 42-year-old male, was arrested for Burglary of a Habitation and Organized Criminal Activity. Daniel Wright 34-year-old male was arrested for Burglary of a Habitation, Organized Criminal Activity, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. Caitlin Martin, 28-year-old female, was arrested for Burglary of a Habitation and Organized Criminal Activity. Eric Masias, 49-year-old male, was arrested for Burglary of a Habitation and Organized Criminal Activity. All of the suspects were booked into the Randall County Jail.

Meet The Team

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Randall County Sheriffs Office

Each of the folks here deserves a special place for what they've done. I know it's not right to say things like that before they have their day in court but seriously, when someone is already in a bad place and you take advantage of the situation, you got issues and you deserve what you get.

We can't look at Amarillo as a small town anymore. We are on our way to becoming a big city weather we like it or not. Folks like these and situations that give opportunity for crime like this are going to become more common, We need to start finding ways to take care of each other. Our leaders need to make sure that Law Enforcement gets the tools they need to stay on top of this.

Amarillo Criminals On Death Row

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I was surprised to find out recently that we also have a bit of a history with the show America's Most Wanted.

Digging through old news articles, I found several separate occasions where Amarillo and America's Most Wanted crossed paths. It makes me wonder if there are some that I've missed.

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