Yee Yee! Granger Smith has been a Texas favorite for many years. When he added Earl Dibbles Jr. to the mix, his shows jumped to a whole new level. Earl Dibbles Jr. is perfect memeable material, too. If you've been missing some funny in your life, we put together some favorite Earl Dibbles Jr memes. Enjoy friends.

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Even if you're a city boy, you can get the humor of Earl Dibbles Jr. From fishing to football to hunting, the funny goes far. That entertainment is extended into the music, too. For instance, Earl Dibbles Jr. had this hit several years ago.

You're welcome.

Earl Dibbles Jr is the alter ego of one Granger Smith. Granger just released a new album called Country Things Vol. 1. It has songs like "That Why I Love Dirt Roads," "Country Things," and the perfect country anthem "Country And Ya Know It."

Granger Smith's Country Things Vol. 1 is out now where ever you like to buy or stream your music. Granger recently took some time to talk with Big D and Bubba about his new music. Bubba was all about "Country and You Know It." Big D called it a country masterpiece. It's an album worthy of the praise. But you are here for the memes, so check it out below, some of out favorite Earl Dibbles Jr memes. Enjoy the laugh friends.

Some Favorite Earl Dibbles Jr Memes

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