It just seems like 2021 is just flying by, We're already in March! The what do we do for spring break question starts popping up and this year is already proving to be a little different than last. Fortunately restrictions are starting to loosen up a bit and there are some options out there.  Some of us it's all about hitting the road and taking that quest to Wally World (or insert your favorite theme park here, Don't sue me Warner Brothers) and hopefully not end up like Clark Griswold:

For others it's all about staying in town and finding something to do with the kids. and it turns out there are plenty of decent options here in the Amarillo Area.

Spring Break Spectacular

The Don Harrington Discovery Center may not be calling it the Mad Scientist Spring Break Camp this year but they do have plenty to brag about, the Spring Break Spectacular this year features Science Experiments, Demos, Activities and Crafts for the whole family and they are even adding in live animal presentations throughout the week. Prices are more than reasonable and everything you need to know and how to register is on their website

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Kids College

Maybe higher education is something you want to expose your little ones to... Amarillo College has a lot of offerings here. Just look at these offerings, Theatre, Yoga and Meditation, Martial Arts and Fencing even! And any parent will tell you all the physical activity will have them sleeping like a log that night. giving you a little more you time.


If STEM/STEAM is something your kids enjoy or you want to expose them to maybe consider a camp from Snapology. The Programs feature projects using Lego and K'Nex systems and for the kid who loves to build this is a good way to keep them occupied and have them learn without knowing they are.

Of course each has their own COVID Protocol and getting enrolled on time is going to be huge here. I'm only scratching the tip of the tip of the iceberg too. share yours with us in the comments below!

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