Amarillo native Stanley Marsh 3, an eccentric artist and businessman, died on Tuesday, June 17, leaving behind a trail of public art pieces as well as unsettled allegations of molestation.

Whether you loved or hated him, if you live in Texas, you no doubt either heard of or saw Marsh's work. Best known for Cadillac Ranch, Marsh was a native of Amarillo, where he was born in 1938. According to Pronews 7, Marsh died of heart failure. He was 76 years old.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo
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Besides Cadillac Ranch, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary on Saturday and is responsible for bringing flocks of tourists to Amarillo, Marsh is known for placing dozens of mock traffic signs around the city, as well as other public art projects.

Marsh suffered a series of strokes in 2011, which led to the deterioration of his health.

Thanks, everybody. I had a good time.

His artistic efforts were marred by allegations of molestation in his later years. Multiple lawsuits were filed in 2012 alleging that Marsh paid two teenage boys for sexual acts. While those original lawsuits were settled, Marsh was again indicted in 2013 on similar charges. Marsh denied the allegations until his death and had said he planned to fight the charges, four counts of sexual assault on a child, eight counts of sexual performance by a child and two counts of indecency with a child, in court. No trial date had been set.

According to the Associated Press, in 1994, Marsh said he wanted his epitaph to read in part: "Thanks, everybody. I had a good time."

"I think art is the last legalized insanity," Marsh told film maker Samuel Smith in the below short documentary, in which Marsh and those who knew him and worked with him, are interviewed:


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