Another structure fire took place in Amarillo overnight.

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According to the Amarillo Fire Department, firefighters responded to a structure fire Sunday evening, April 24, on North Madison.   A unit in a row of apartments was filled with heavy smoke and showing fire.  The AFD immediately began fighting the fire with what they called a transitional fire attack to the front window.  They were then able to enter the unit to search and rescue.   When they entered they found a dog in the living room and removed them from the unit.  Unfortunately, the dog was dead.  They were able to have the fire under control within 21 minutes.   No other injuries were reported.

The Fire Marshal's Office was able to determine that the fire was caused by a campfire that was started on the living room floor by transients.   The fire was an accident.

Although this fire was an accident and was caused by people trying to stay warm, a pet perished.    This is a good reminder, that we also need to take our pets into consideration when planning family fire escape plans.    Pets are a part of our family and we want to make sure they are safe as well in case of fire.

  • Know your pet's hiding places, this will be the first place they run when in danger.
  • Always make sure they have collars with ID information included and make sure they are microchipped.
  • Practice fire drills in your home, and always include your pets.
  • Have a leash or crate ready by the door in case of emergency.
  • Have a pet disaster kit ready along with your own.
  • Make sure your pets are contained to one area of the house when you aren't at home near a door.  It will make them easier to find.  (Mine are usually crated)
  • Pet emergency stickers in windows help first responders

The ASPCA offers a free pet safety kit with stickers.  I ordered mine today.

Let's keep our homes and neighbors and furry friends safe.  Also, if you are able to help our homeless friends stay warm please reach out to one of those local charities to help.

The Abandoned St. Anthony's Hospital on Amarillo Boulevard

The 119-year-old abandoned hospital is a fascinating place for any who are lucky enough to be granted the chance to explore.

The sprawling building saw thousands of Amarillo's citizens inside its halls daily, all the the way until it was shuttered in 2001. But there are still incredible artifacts of the all-too-recent past tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the old St. Anthony.

The explorer who took these photographs gave the following information:

"Many rooms were left untouched, we found patient files, old prescriptions, a blood transfusion machine from the 60s, and microscopic slides of breast cancer from the 70s and 80s. I put one picture in here of some heart scans so you can see the dates and diagnosis of the patient, but marked out the patient’s names of course. During a time when mental illness was not understood, 76 exorcisms were documented to have been performed between 1909 and 1931."

Take a look inside the halls of the legendary abandoned St. Anthony's hospital

The Abandoned School House Outside of Canyon, Texas

This was once the Jowell School. Built in 1901, the building was the cornerstone of the teeny tiny farming community of Jowell.

The building had been rebuilt and restored in the late '80s or 90s before vandals destroyed it in an act of arson. What remains of the Jowell School sits in a desolate part of rolling farmland between the small towns of Canyon and Happy, Texas.


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