Texas Lottery

There is a New Millionaire Here in Amarillo
I love when good things happen to people here in Amarillo. I would say winning the lottery would be one of those things. I know we hear the horror stories of people that go crazy with the winnings. There are also cautionary tales of people who win that have family coming out of the wood works that all of a sudden need money.
Play the Texas Lottery
I love it when the Texas Lottery reveals a new scratch ticket game.  They have just come out with the XCash Multiplier where you can win 5 times, 10 times, up to 100 times the prize and we want to give you a chance to win.
Win TX Lottery Scratch Off Tickets
The holidays are here and that means shopping and gift giving.  Blake FM is teaming up with the Texas Lottery to bring you The Most Wonderful Gift of All:Scratch Off Tickets!
Amarillo Man Wins Big
Hey we've all been there, stopped in a store buying a drink and a snack and looked over at the counter and said, hey hand me one of the "so and so" scratch offs.  Well I don't know about you but, I the most I have ever won from a scratch off is $100 and that was over 7 years ago.  However, one Amarillo resident's life changed when he bought his scratch off.

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