There is a New Millionaire Here in Amarillo
I love when good things happen to people here in Amarillo. I would say winning the lottery would be one of those things. I know we hear the horror stories of people that go crazy with the winnings. There are also cautionary tales of people who win that have family coming out of the wood works that a…
Amarillo Man Wins Big
Hey we've all been there, stopped in a store buying a drink and a snack and looked over at the counter and said, hey hand me one of the "so and so" scratch offs.  Well I don't know about you but, I the most I have ever won from a scratch off is $100 and that was over…
Keith Urban Wins Early ACM Award
Keith Urban has been honored with the Academy of Country Music’s Mae Boren Axton Award for 2016, which honors an individual in the country music industry who has exhibited longstanding dedication and service to the ACM.
Powerball Lottery Ticket Worth $1 Million Sold In Amarillo
I gave up on the lottery a while back. I've spent hundreds of dollars trying to win, and all I ever get is my money back to buy another ticket.
But when something like this happens it sparks my addiction yet again LOL. Someone in Amarillo has the $1 million dollar power ball lottery ticket...

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