I know what you're thinking... did Mike really just mention arm wrestling? Yes! I'm not the most qualified person to fight anyone in an arm wrestle as I'd go down pretty quick (or maybe they have a softie class for guys like me.) Something about the sport kinda caught my eye. It's simple, it's 100 percent raw strength based and the rules are pretty straight forward.

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Arm Wrestler Sergey Svetlikov Hosts Practice At Home
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If you don't happen to be familiar with the sport or have never taken part the way it works is really quite simple. Two opponents meet at a table either sitting or standing and interlock hands with a bent elbow as shown above while the other arm is out of play (usually holding a peg). From this point it's 100% pure bicep strength that determines the winner. Simple right? There are also rules about what you can do with your feet and shoulders cant cross the center of the table among others but again this is pretty much all about the arms.

The Texas Arm Wrestling League

The Texas Arm Wrestling League is the big competitive league here in the state and they have several qualifiers regionally including one coming up down the road in the Hub City at the Grand Central Venue

If you happen to be game there is both a Men's open for a few different weight classes as well as an amateur masters for those 40+ and a women's tournament as well.

There's actually classes available to improve your technique. Check out their official site for all the details on the August 7th event.

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