Cheating has become more prevalent in the world today.

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What is cheating?

To act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.

There isn't just one type of cheating, cheating has many forms.

  • Infidelity: this is where you are unfaithful to your spouse or committed partner.  This can be emotional or sexual.
  • Deceit: concealing or misrepresenting the truth
  • Not following the rules: this includes sports, video games, contests, diets, etc.
  • Academically: cheating on a test, using answers strategically written down or memorized, having someone else take the test, hacking into the system to change your grade, etc.

A new survey showed that Texas is the #1 state in the US for Cheaters

This study didn't just look at romantic cheating.

Let's look at dieting, following a restrictive diet can be hard, and some things are unattainable, however, when it comes to dieting, 77% of Texans surveyed have cheated on a diet.

Sometimes in life, you have to stand in line, waiting for a ride, waiting to get into a movie or concert, and waiting for food.   Then someone walks in and walks to the front of the line and jumps in.  It can be infuriating, but it happens a lot in Texas, 51% of Texans surveyed said they have cut someone in line.

Cheating on a test at school happens, but it also happens in the workplace, 45% of Texans surveyed have cheated on something work-related.

Is bending the truth cheating?   It is when something like age is a factor in a position, contest, or getting something cheaper because of age.  40% of Texans surveyed have lied about age.

In video games, one would think it wouldn't be that easy to beat a video game, but people are clever and have found ways, 40% of Texans surveyed have cheated at a multiplayer game.

It's time to factor in romantic cheating, 28% of Texans surveyed have cheated on a partner.  When you think of cheating, romantic cheating is usually what people think.  Oddly, only 28% of Texans admitted to this type of cheating.  I'm guessing they were cheating on this survey.

The biggest regret of those respondents in this survey was, cheating on a partner.

New Mexico topped the list as the state with the least amount of cheating.

It's possible Texas topped the list because we are a very big state with a lot of people.

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