Over the past two days, disgraced former Stinnett police chief Jason Collier has had his time to shine in his appearance on the Dr. Phil Show.

Now, I'm sure Stinnett is a fine town with wonderful folks--and if this is true, I'll bet they are tired of their city being thrust into the harsh national spotlight. I sure know that I would be. There's plenty of us in the Texas Panhandle that aren't too happy about having to deal with having Dr. Phil in our neighborhood for a second time. Yes, second. Remember, he was here in the Amarillo area with Oprah back in 1995 when the cattle industry took her to court over her Mad Cow hysteria--namely, the damage done to beef sales and in turn, the cattle industry.

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Anyway, back to Jason.

In a special episode of Dr. Phil that aired over the course of two days, Jason Collier has seemingly made his appearance on the show in an effort to show the world that "he is not the monster that people think he is"

Guess what?

He blew it.

And not only did he totally blow it... he blew it big. Want a little taste of what Jason "not-a-monster" Collier had say? Why don't you just take a look for yourself.

See, here's the thing. There was one phrase I was hoping to hear--not for my sake, but for his soon-to-be ex-wife and the children they share:

I'm sorry

It's the phrase that pays. It is two words that shows some crumb of humanity, self-reflection, recognition of one's actions, and perhaps even true repentance. Now let me set this straight: I don't think a simple "I'm sorry" can possibly undo everything that's been done by this sorry excuse of a man, but for the sake of this discussion: it's about taking ownership for what you done.

I said what I said.

But Jason here? Oh boy, Jason. Jason.

In the curious case of Jason Collier, it is not "I'm sorry", it is rather, "I'm sorry for... I'm sorry that... " Bunch of bullhooey, kneecapping bull--I've got to watch my language here. Pardon me.

The "for" and the "that" tacked on to the pure and simple expression of "I'm sorry" is what we call: conditionals. And in using these conditionals, Jason Collier has shown that he cannot address what he's done.

And what's worse (oh yes, it gets worse, my friends)...throughout the episodes, there are times cracks a wide and bright smile. He smiles in a way that tells me that he's proud of what he's managed to accomplish here. Jason Collier cannot deliver a pure a simple "I'm sorry" to the people he has grievously wounded, even while he is "laying it bare" about what he did on live national television.....but ladies and gentlemen, Jason Collier will tout the fact that he was known for his "integrity" as a police officer.

A position that he willfully exploited for his own ends, but of course, Jason doesn't really register that little point of conflict. It's beyond him.


For the love of all that is good and holy, allow me to go one-on-one, man-to-man here for a moment.

Married life is tough. I get it. I do.

I have been fortunate enough to have been with my wife for 12 wonderful years. There are highs and and there are lows. For us, it's been more highs. But when you're married.....when you do find yourselves in the lows....you work through it.

In Jason Collier's case....it's not that he's been divorced once before. Hell, the story of "boy meets girl the second time around" is old as time itself. It's the fact that he hadn't even initiated divorce proceedings from the first wife before making his move on the next one. Then you factor in his insecurity with finances and intimacy and Lord that is a ticking time bomb by itself.

And to compound on that, if you want to take his word for it that his weight issues and the emotional upheaval that his weight-loss surgery brought about--that's a whole different ballgame. Listen, I'm no lightweight myself and I can understand bits and pieces of that angle, but there was a whole lot more brewing underneath it all to begin with--mark my words. (By the way, don't lose weight for your partner, lose it for yourself. Confidence must come from within and that may have been part of the issue with this Jason Collier dude).


Now I'm going to touch on the whole money issue that Jason refers to. As a man, I understand the frustration of someone making more than you. Sure. It's a pride thing, right? Well, here's a tough pill to swallow: when you're in a marriage you can't look at it like that. It's about what you bring to the table. There's a whole lot of things the two of you have to "offer up" besides just money. And Jason just seems to have no true concept of this reality of a marriage.

With that said, I'm pretty sure I can sum up exactly what happened in the world of Jason Collier (I shudder this thought...ugh)

Man is insecure...Man compensates in many ways and tries to hide insecurity. Man loses weight to try and fix insecurity. Man doesn't know how to handle the changes and all of his problems that he's tried to compensate for his entire life. Wife knows damn well the insecurity is still there. Man freaks out finds someone else who doesn't know he's an insecure mess.....but Man is shit at multitasking (or knowing his limits)...and gets caught like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, crumbs on his mouth and everything.

Jason Collier went on television to tell us that he isn't the monster that we make him out to be, right? All of us saw exactly where he did become the monster, and that is in the fact that he has done nothing to atone for his actions.

He didn't just resign from his job--he was forced to. And beyond the loss of his career by his own doing, he's got to take the first steps to rebuild the relationships he has destroyed and repair the damage he's done to his own family. That's what needs to happen and you know what, Jason Collier? I don't think you've got it in you, Chief.

And one last thing....teaming up with romance authors so that they can write a second-rate tell-all novella (that's right, novella. That thing was a measly 68 pages of bull) doesn't help matters, nor does going on with Phil McGraw and making a fool out of yourself for two hours of our lives that none of us will ever get back.

Good luck, Jason. Just remember this, Buddy, the road to redemption begins with a single step: saying the words "I'm sorry".

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