This has been the story that keeps on giving. Jason Collier. Yes, you are welcome, we are bringing him back up. Why? Is he dating someone new? Did he wind up on another dating app?

No, this time he finally met his fate. He recently faced sentencing for all his wrong doings. So here we are. He maybe can finally put all of this behind him. Maybe he will learn from his mistakes. Maybe he will settle down and do good again. I guess only time will tell.

Anyway here is how he stacked up when he finally had his day in court. Jason will be on probation for the next two years. So he will have to stay on the up and up unless he wants to go back in front of a judge. He will also be doing community service. So maybe we will see him on the side of the road picking up trash. Maybe. Also there will be fines thrown his way. That is never fun.

Perhaps the biggest thing that he is facing is that he lost his peace officer license. So what does that even mean? Well after doing some googling this is probably where it will hit him the hardest.

As opposed to termination of employment by a local department, which does not prevent the officer from being rehired by a different department, revocation of the certificate prevents the officer from continuing to serve in law enforcement in the state.  It treats the police profession like any other - if minimum standards of performance are not met, the person loses the privilege of continuing in the profession.

So basically it all comes down to a slap on the wrist. Although Jason is going to have to find another line of work. Maybe he can open up his own dating website? Maybe he has a future in playing cupid for others?

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