jason collier

Jason Collier is a bad, bad boy with the time management skills of a god.

He was Police Chief of Stinnett, married with children, and juggling at least three girlfriends on the side. In January 2021, one of his girlfriends found out about his adulterous ways and exposed him on the police department's Facebook page. Pandemonium ensued and Jason Collier has become a part of our lingo around these parts.

My Take On The Dr. Phil Interview Of Jason Collier
I told my coworkers the other day that I was going to take one for the team. I was going to subject myself to two hours of Dr. Phil. I don't usually watch his show but he was going to have Jason Collier on for an interview. You know the disgraced former Police of Chief from Stinnett. The married chief that had many girlfriends.