If you visit a winery, you can purchase a bottle to take home. You can fill a growler full of craft beer at a brewpub like Triple J's, or from to-go retail places like Eskimo Hut, and take it home.

But if you visit a craft brewery? You are NOT allowed to make a to-go purchase, according to CraftPac Texas, a craft brewer advocacy group:

Today in Texas it’s legal for locals and tourists alike to visit a winery, distillery, or brewpub and purchase these producers’ products to go. But walk into one of our Texas craft breweries and you are forbidden by law from purchasing souvenir bottles, six-packs, or growler fills. All over Texas, craft breweries are creating jobs, supporting their local communities, and providing immense economic impact to the state. However, their success is limited by an archaic, broken alcoholic beverage code that prohibits these small businesses from engaging in to-go sales.

Does that seem lopsided to you? Utterly pointless? It sure does to me. Why allow everyone but Texas breweries this right?

Texas is the ONLY state is the U.S. that doesn't allow to-go purchases from breweries. If you hate being the last state to support our craft brewers, then sign CraftPac's petition. For more information, visit their website.

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