Heartbreaking news to report out of Waco this morning.

The Connally Independent School District passed along some sad news this week that two of their teachers have passed away from Covid 19 complications. Both teachers taught social studies at the district's junior high school. All though they taught the same subject, the teachers taught different grades, in different parts of the building.

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The district announced they will be closing for the week and students will be doing virtual learning. During this time the building will undergo a deep cleaning and sanitizing. The district released a statement to all parents and guardians saying, “We know the hardship this may present to families, but we want to do everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our students and team.” For now, the district is asking parents to monitor children for symptoms and alert the school nurse if a child tests positive.

Natalia Chansler and David “Andy” McCormick were announced as the teachers that passed. The district is expected to reopen on Tuesday, September 7th. We will see if more cases pop up in the school in the coming days and if the district will delay the opening. The district is currently offering free drive thru Covid testing at the high school.

"All staff identified as “close contacts” with a known COVID-19 case are asked to get tested every other day," said Assistant Superintendent Jill Bottelberghe.

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