If your kid is having a hard time with math, there's a free event coming up that you need to check out. Dr. Arthur T. Benjamin, known as America's best math whiz, will be speaking on Oct 27 at 6 PM. The event is titled Mathemagics!...which couldn't be more accurate.

The Math Whiz Who Makes Math Fun

Dr. Benjamin has made quite a name for himself by making math fun for those of us that were never too interested in it. He has a unique and engaging way of showing how math is used in our daily lives and careers.

It also helps that he knows some really good math tricks, like being faster than a calculator. Seriously. He's faster than a calculator.

I could watch that all day.

Free Event For All Ages In The Texas Panhandle

Math whiz...professional magician...human calculator; Dr. Arthur T. Benjamin will be joining WT for a virtual event, where he will do what he does best. He will be showing how math can be fun all while keeping you entertained.

He will show us all how easy math can be, just by using certain tricks.

The event is free for all age groups. To attend, you will need to RSVP and sign up. You can do that, and get more information, by following this link.

This free special event is being co-sponsored by the Association of Latino Professionals for America, the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business, and by the College of Engineering (Department of Mathematics).

It is a virtual event, which means you will need access to Zoom in order to attend.

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