Homicide is a mean and vicious way of hurting a person and those that love them.  It's taking life from this world.

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Having someone taken from your life by homicide is crushing and devastating, however, some families never get closure.   They have said goodbye to their loved one who was taken from this world in the worst way.  They grieve, but a piece of that grief remains because the person that committed the homicide is never brought to justice.

The question remains, who killed my loved one?

The Texas Rangers are a part of the Texas Department of Public Safety.  They are in charge of conducting major violent crime, public corruption, cold case, and officer-involved shooting investigations.

Currently, when it comes to homicide investigations, the Texas Rangers have 12 homicide cases that have not been solved.  These cases date back to 1978.  Years of families wondering if their loved one's killer will be brought to justice.

Some of the homicide suspects are unknown, and some are, but there is no solid evidence to convict or bring charges.

When it comes to solving these crimes, it takes a spark to ignite.  Maybe sharing information about these victims will spark a memory or someone will finally come forward with information about the case.

Then finally, the families of the victims can grieve one last time, and everyone can be at peace.

12 Unsolved Homicides by the Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers currently have 12 homicides that have gone cold and have not been solved or the suspect apprehended. These cases stem back to 1978.

If you have any information regarding any of the homicides below you are encouraged to call Texas Crimestoppers at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477) or you can submit a tip online here.

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