Back in March, the Amarillo Zoo welcomed a darling bouncing baby bear that had been brought in from New Mexico after causing a few headaches for the fish and wildlife department. Bringing the bear to Amarillo meant an escape from certain death.

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She's made a full recovery

Source: City of Amarillo/Amarillo Zoo
Source: City of Amarillo/Amarillo Zoo

Since getting to Amarillo the cub has been socializing with Perry, the longtime resident black bear male living in the park and recovering from it's injuries that it had before coming to the zoo. Keepers have noted that her coat is fuller and in better shape and as she gets ready to make her public debut its time to start looking for a name.

You can help

There's nothing like having a chance to name something and it's one fo those things that you want to get right, after all a bear doesn't exactly have a short life span. (30 Years). The city has done most of the hard part for you and narrowed it down to three choices. Sasha, Mesa and Coco are all up for a vote. Kayla Sell, a visitor service specialist with the zoo has told ABC7

“We want the Amarillo community to be involved in welcoming our new bear cub here at the Amarillo Zoo, She has done so well since arriving here. We are looking forward to visitors to the Amarillo Zoo being able to see her as soon as possible.”

If you would like to have a chance to vote on the cub's name you can head over to the Amarillo Zoo's Facebook page. The voting ends on June 8th.

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