The iconic Big Texan restaurant is expanding in a huge way! This past week, The Big Texan finalized their $2 million deal to be the proud new owners of Splash Kingdom Water Park.

Big Texan Co-owner Bobby Lee said that he's wanted to expand for years, but their original plan was not to buy the water park itself. In fact, they just wanted the 153 acres of land.

Lee said that the main perk of acquiring the land is that now no other restaurants can be on that strip of I-40, so they can avoid any competitors.

No word on what will happen to the existing water park. The Big Texan has gotten offers from various buyers offering to maintain the park and even some offers to move the park to another area of town.

The Big Texan has the support of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce. They believe that their bold purchases will work out to benefit the community and economy of Amarillo.

I guess time will tell what will happen to Amarillo's only water park, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that Splash would be missed! But something tells me The Big Texan won't disappoint with what they have up their sleeve.

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