This year the ceramic Christmas tree is making a comeback.

I never knew it was out of style.  My grandmother was a very talented lady and made the ceramic Christmas tree for our family.  She had one, we got one, my uncle's family got one.   I always loved them and would often play with the tiny little lights that were on them.

Every year we would put this Christmas tree up with our big tree.  I usually was in charge of putting those tiny plastic bulbs in the tiny holes. However I usually had to dig through a big box of shredded newspaper to find them all. Over they years those little plastic bulbs disappear, and have been super hard to find.  Thank goodness for the internet.

Now fast forward to 2018 and those ceramic Christmas trees are making a comeback.   But, from what I hear and read these trees are coming back because of the Christmas tree shortage?

I guess I'm hip or into the trends.  I honestly didn't realize they were making a comeback or were retro for that matter.  It's always been a part of our Christmas.  I love seeing it because it reminds me of my Meme. It reminds me of all the time I spent with her working on ceramics when I was little.   I miss that lady so much.

Apparently they have been selling for $30-$620 on Ebay and other sites.  Which to me that is crazy.   I know ours is priceless.

In fact, it will be a fight until the death between me and my brother on who inherits the Christmas tree.  I'll win!!!!

Do you have one of these Christmas Trees?  Would you sell it?

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