It seems like our utility bills keep getting filled with fees for everything.  Well get ready because the city of Amarillo is getting ready to add drainage fees to your utility bills.

Over the next couple months you are going to be noticing a little increase in your utility bill.  So not only will you have to pay your water, trash, but now drainage.  It's not a large amount and the city feels that it is necessary.

This fee will cover the expenses of taking care of storm drainage.  The playa lakes that have been built and the underground drainage systems being built have to be paid for somehow.  Now if these things were not here to help with the draining, Amarillo would have a lot more flooding.

The fee will depend on the size of the property you have.  Here is a breakdown of the amounts: about 1/4th of the homes in the city will pay $1.71, 1/2 will pay $2.51 and the remainder, large homes will pay $3.79 per month while commercial properties are looking at $39.15.

And if it makes you feel any better, Amarillo is one of the last cities implementing this fee.  So they held off as long as they could, but now they need help to make sure the city doesn't flood.

The fees should be visible on your bill in October.

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