I am probably the guiltiest when it comes to this. How many old and previously used water bottles do you have around your house? How about in your car? I use one of those plastic water bottles you buy in the store and then I reuse.

I Am Helping the Environment, Right?

That is the way I feel. If I reuse a bottle I am saving it from the landfill. That makes sense. I feel I am doing my part. How long do I keep using them though? That is where it can all go wrong.

If you are like me and you drink part of the water and then leave it out overnight. Even if you refill with more water, you could be helping the environment. Oh but you could be hurting your health.

So which is better? Probably taking care of your health. There are other ways to help the environment when it comes to those water bottles.

So What is the Problem With Bottles Left Out or Reused?

It may seem quite innocent. Really it does. First you start by grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. You drink some of it. You leave it in your car or around the house. Or you are like me and you may drink it all but then refill to use for a later day.

I know I am not the only one who does this. Over time those plastic water bottles start breaking down a bit. When they do this they release chemicals into your water. That same water that you are now drinking.

Get yourself a good solid water bottle that is safe to reuse. With doing this you will be healthier and help the environment. These types of water bottles stand up in the dishwasher too. So they really are better.

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