Summer is right around the corner, but for the Texas Panhandle it could be a another year that the area could see triple digit temperatures plus add to our continuing drought conditions. Which right now Texas Panhandle is still considered to be under a severe to extreme drought conditions.

Well the city kicked off this year's "Every Drop Counts" campaign, with a look on our current local water supply and how we can extend the use of our water usage.  94 percent of Amarillo water comes from the Ogallala Aquifer, which has steadily been dropping for decades.

Saving water for our city is a big problem during this drought, even Amarillo is under a voluntary even-odd lawn watering system. Helping conserve water through simple behaviors like not letting the water run when brushing your teeth, watering your lawn during the hottest part of the day, and even taking long showers.

So anything you can do to help out  helps out the city in the long run, plus the city offers rebates for rainwater catchment and water-efficient sprinkler installations. Also the city  wants to encourage the local restaurants to only serve water on request.

Here are Amarillo's latest ground water quality report and a few conservation tips.

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