This is the last McDaily of the year. Unless I get bored and decide to do another one. But since this is the 'last' one let's talk about a car with 24-Carot gold trim and gold rims. Gold rims--really? If that car hits the street, those rims will be gone in just a few hours.

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Rolls Royce is selling a $1.5 million, 24-carat gold car for the holidays. The customized Ghost model has a top speed of 155 mph and features biscuit-colored leather seats, 24-carat gold trim and real gold rims. This is a vehicle that will never been seen in public. If it is, the rims will be stolen. Heck if I see this thing, I'll detour it and try to steal the rims myself.

ABC wants a Republican Presidential candidate for Dancing With the Stars. As a way to continue to not have any actual stars on the show.